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Family Library™ Project

Donate a Family Library to the home of a low-income family

If you will be paying by check, please make checks payable to The Literacy Imperative®, Inc. Download Donor/Sponsor Form to Print and enclose with check.

Knoxville Family LibraryMail to:
The Literacy Imperative®
201 Harriet Tubman Street
Knoxville, TN 37915

If you will be paying through PayPal please Complete and submit the Donor/Sponsor Form** below and pay through the PayPal option below.

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 Family Library

Designate Recipient Organization
 Habitat for Humanity U.S. Housing & Urban Development Section 8 Homeowners Program Appalachia Service Project Other

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Number of Libraries
x $100***

** Libraries provided to families at no cost through Corporate Sponsors whose name/brand appears on each library.
*** Covers cost of the library shelf unit, 12-15 books, and the sponsor brand/message on each library.

The Literacy Imperative®, Inc. is a national faith-based nonprofit 501 (c) 3 tax exempt literacy and social enterprise organization. The Center of Literacy & Enterprise™ and Family Library™ are trademarks of The Literacy Imperative®, Inc. The Literacy Imperative® is an Outreach Ministry of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Literacy Imperative®

201 Harriet Tubman St.

Knoxville, TN 37915


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