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What is actually the Distinction Between a Floor Buffer and a Floor Scrubber?


If you’re just obtaining into the discipline of constructing service maintenance or workplace cleansing you are positive to experience the selection of no matter whether to use a ground buffer or a ground scrubber for your ground cleaning positions. You may possibly believe at first “these need to be the identical variety of equipment, right?” Well, not genuinely.

Usually, a flooring buffer is a device that has a horizontally rotating head that sits directly on the flooring. Feel of a big, round scrubbing pad spinning in a circle. The spinning of the pad is driven by a tiny motor, usually straight more than the middle of the pad. floor scrubber appear equipped with a answer tank that can squirt cleaning answer straight into the scrubbing pad and onto your flooring. This extra attribute makes it possible for the person to put modest quantities of cleaner on the flooring as necessary, with no obtaining to end and pour it right out of a bottle– a actual time and back again saver. But, there is no way for a buffer to “vacuum up” that solution once it is on the flooring.

Floor buffers are also identified as rotary floor equipment because the scrubbing floor is consistently rotating in a circle in 1 direction. Computerized ground scrubbers Might have a rotating head, related to buffers, but a lot of types offer you a cylindrical brush head. We will address that variation in a moment. Just know that you may run throughout the terms “flooring buffer” and “rotary ground device” as that means the identical factor.

Buffers are produced to spin at a assortment of speeds. The velocity at which the pad or brush rotates directly influences the type of ground cleaning task you want to do. Minimal pace buffers are made to handle scrubbing positions, when your ground has in-ground dirt that you want to put some muscle mass into scrubbing away. Minimal velocity devices are also your equipment of option when you need to have to strip off the outdated wax coating from a hard floor, like commercially tiled floors you frequently uncover in grocery merchants. Reduced pace buffers will rotate from about one hundred seventy five rpm. Variable pace buffers will go from about one hundred seventy five-350 rpm.

Minimal pace buffers are also proper for scrubbing – or bonneting – carpeting, offered the device has adequate horse power (or twin capacitors) to take care of that sort of substantial-friction rotation. Make certain to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions for whether or not a ground buffer can be utilised for carpeting or not. Several producers will void your guarantee if you’ve utilized a machine on carpeting which is not meant to be utilised that way (do not worry, they will be able to inform if you send out your equipment in for guarantee function!)

Large velocity buffers are developed just for sharpening hard ground surfaces. They rotate at extremely large speeds, in any case from about a thousand rpm to 3000 rpm. You Can’t use substantial pace buffers for any variety of scrubbing perform. With the appropriate polishing pad and a tiny buffing spray you can provide a wonderful shine to a difficult floor surface. You just cannot do that with a reduced velocity or variable velocity equipment.

Most flooring buffers run from a immediate relationship to a energy resource, but some have inner batteries or a propane-driven engine to propel the rotating pad. The advantage of a battery or propane-engine type product is currently being free of charge of electrical power cords interfering with your scrubbing job. The advantage of the electrical versions is consistent resource of power without getting to fear about draining a battery or gasoline tank. Battery-powered types are frequently utilised in LEED and environmentally friendly developing servicing packages.

Floor scrubbers, also identified as automatic ground scrubbers or auto scrubbers, are a entire various animal. They not only have a scrubbing head, but an automated program for dispensing cleansing resolution and then vacuuming it up. So, in a single go more than your floor, you can dispense cleansing or stripping resolution, scrub it into the flooring, and vacuum it all up with a squeegee attachment at the back again of the device. Car scrubbers have a different dispensing tank and a collection tank to preserve your clean h2o from your dirty h2o.

Even although computerized scrubbers are normally more expensive machines up entrance, the time saved in cleaning your flooring could really well off-set that first value. Conserving operator time (and funds) is the most repeated purpose for getting these successful devices for creating upkeep applications.

In the finish there are several factors to think about in selecting which variety of equipment, a ground buffer or a flooring scrubber, is best for your particular scenario. If you have a very massive facility with each wide open spaces (like the middle of a shopping mall) and limited spaces (like in bogs) then possibly your best tool for the task is The two types of devices.


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