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The Difference In between STYROFOAM and Expanded Polystyrene


More than the many years, a lot of have blended up the manufacturer name STYROFOAM™ with the polymer expanded polystyrene. It is extremely widespread to use STYROFOAM™ as a generic phrase for foam espresso cups and just take-out containers, which are generally created of expanded polystyrene. The former is a trademark of the Dow Chemical Business for its extruded polystyrene item, which differs vastly from the generic expanded range. Even though equally are rigid, closed-cell, thermoplastic foam items, they are manufactured in a different way and have special traits as well.

STYROFOAM™ model extruded polystyrene is a outcome of force and very scorching temperatures. Sound polystyrene crystals, additives and a blowing agent go by means of an extruder, in which they are combined and melted into a viscous, plastic fluid. This combination is then fed to a die and is shaped, cooled and minimize.

Expanded polystyrene, on the other hand, is manufactured of small, interconnected beads of polystyrene. In Styrofoam of creation, pentane gas is dissolved into the polystyrene foundation to achieve expansion. After shaped, like STYROFOAM™, they can be molded to particular requirements.

A lot of in the design enterprise favor STYROFOAM™ for creating insulation due to its higher R-worth (amount of warmth resistance), great compression energy, and resistance to humidity. Expanded polystyrene is the ideal selection for people in the market place for packaging and soundproofing content, as nicely as void fill.

The special characteristics that STYROFOAM™ and expanded polystyrene possess make them ideal for distinct purposes, and purposes will count on the project demands. Searching for the professional tips of trusted suppliers can support decide which foam product best fits a venture.


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