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What is erp software?


what is erp software?

ERP is undoubtedly an phrase for Business Source of information Preparation, but even its full name doesn’t shed very much light-weight on which ERP is or what it does. ERP identifies a variety of software that organizations use to handle everyday organization activities for example bookkeeping, procurement, undertaking management, chance control and conformity, and offer chain operations.


The key function of all ERP methods is a provided data source that works with numerous characteristics employed by different company models.

ERP solutions tie up together numerous enterprise processes and encourage the stream of data between them.

By getting an organization’s discussed transactional info from a number of resources, ERP solutions remove data duplication and provide info sincerity having a individual way to obtain real truth.

In reality, which means that staff in different divisions—for illustration, accounting and sales—can depend about the same information with regard to their particular requires.

Benefits associated with ERP

Streamline and speed up your primary enterprise processes to aid every person within your organization do much more with a lot fewer assets.Boosted alliance from end users expressing data in deals, requisitions, and acquire requests

Remove information silos, achieve a individual way to obtain real truth, and get quick strategies to quest-essential company questions.

Speedy-path company and monetary confirming and easily discuss results. Work on observations and increase overall performance live.

Improved enterprise information from actual-time details made by studies.Increase enterprise presence and control, ensure agreement with regulatory specifications, and anticipate preventing threat.

Decrease working fees through sleek organization processes and greatest procedures. By utilizing incorporated ERP software that discuss a data bank, it is possible to streamline IT and provide everybody a more simple approach to work.

With effective functions and prepared use of actual-time information, you may quickly establish and react to new possibilities. Better performance by way of a typical user expertise across a lot of organization functions and well-outlined enterprise processes.

The Business Value of Raymon ERP

Integrate your processes into one single solution

Raymon helps you to increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization and ensure the transparency and accuracy of processes implementation from suppliers to consumers. With Raymon, you will have a fully integrated ERP solution that will cover all financial, logistics and production aspects of your growing business.

Be bold, let Raymon make you a leading brand in your business

Getting clear insight into your business in a short time causes quick, informed and reality-based decision making. Our solutions are designed to increase the speed and efficiency of the organization’s processes, and with these solutions, we will get you to your destination faster. Raymon web-based software allows you to have your organization’s information at your fingertips at any time and any place.

Credit is the cornerstone of our business, and we will spare no effort to gain and maintain your trust

We are a value-driven and knowledge-based team that specializes in enterprise software and ERP-based solutions. We look to form a strategic partnership, which is why long-term relationships with our partners are important to us. Your success is our success.

Raymon software is tailored to your business

Raymon is an expert and experienced partner by your side and guarantees fast delivery of ERP software with high quality which is tailored to your needs, budget and time frame. The flexibility and dynamism of Raymon software make it possible to implement ERP specialized to your business, also Raymon software designed to be used at the holding companies, so you no longer have to worry about buying new software in the future.

Our solutions

Total cost

Identifying the specific needs and clarifying the processes that play a role in the bottleneck has made Raymon the best option for large or growing manufacturing plants. Get a realistic estimate of the actual sales of each product using Raymon.

Invest as much as you need

The competitive price of Raymon software and the ability to choose the system and subsystems witch suits your needs, gives you more choice.

From the workshop to the holding companies

Raymon software is designed for use in companies of different sizes and can be used by a small workshop or a holding company, so you will no longer have to worry about buying new software in the future, and after your growth, we will meet your new needs.

Web-based system

By using the latest technology and taking into account the needs of the modern world, Raymon has removed the limitations and allowed you to use your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere and anytime to have your organization’s information at your fingertips.

Report Engine

Every company has its unique processes and features that do not cover the standard reports of these processes. This is a concern for many managers in choosing an ERP. Have unlimited special reports with Raymon Reporting Engine.

Integrated solutions

By implementing integrated solutions, prevent data breakdown and disruption between your organization’s units. Consolidating data and processes in one ERP software, then you will have comprehensive and integrated information via various reports.


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