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Uniqop Persian Food items Delivery start up


Uniqop is a Persian meals delivery service start-up and is particularly delivery including Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheime, and so on 2020 was the most awful monetary season for many businesses. Many organizations were required to lower the number of their employees as a result of monetary problems. Nonetheless, meantime, a start-up company containing supplied an online system for buying groceries flourishes in Los Facets.

The younger start-up company, Uniqop began its work in 2020 when various other firms had been stopping their organizations because of Covid-19 troubles. “We always sensed the necessity for such a program for that Persian local community in the usa Corona had been a compulsory grace for us.” stated the founders.

In line with the founders of Uniqop, since there wasn’t a thorough system for Persian food shopping in the United States, they developed the idea of Uniqop.


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